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Supermarket beverage display stand with small tips
Release date:2018/11/9 9:19:00

Supermarket beverage display stand placement tips: If the high-quality goods can effectively display the desire of customers to purchase, they may purchase this product. But good merchandise display is also subject to some basic principles. Kingsoon display rack manufacturers tell you that the beverage display rack placement starts from the following aspects:

1. The price of the beverage display rack is marked clearly: most customers buy a product that is very concerned about his price, so the price must be very eye-catching and clear. The size of the numbers will also affect the appeal of the customer, and it will be better to directly apply the big special letters.

2, beverage display rack space sense design: can fully display the goods stacked in order to highlight the momentum, paste the exact price, date manufacturers and other labels. It is convenient for customers to pick up goods, giving people a kind of merchandise that is very popular. The products are separated from other brands' products, and the whole space is adjusted to attract customers' attention.

3, display stand drink is convenient to take: placing to be able to allow customers to pick up the goods is also a manifestation of whether the sales volume is large, to enable customers to get goods in different positions from different angles, it is necessary to pay attention to different brands of goods The mix of people, giving people a bad feeling, those advertising promotional ads should not be attached to the goods, posted will give people an illusion of resentment.

4, beverage display rack location selection: most of the stores are behind the back, front and cash registers, higher shelves, etc.; and in supermarkets and shopping malls, must be in the customer's access and concentration and in the store traffic The most central part of the aisle, the ideal location for the sale of the center of the shelf. Not a good place is at the exit of the warehouse, the corner of the store, the darker places and the corners where the smell is not very good. It is generally not a place that people will not consider. The position of the display stand is very competitive and it is helpful for supermarket beverage sales; we must grasp this to increase sales; we must promptly remind suppliers of beverage placement to help the sales vitality and minimize unnecessary losses.

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