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Two kinds of thinking to open the merchandise display
Release date:2018/11/9 13:01:52

There are many ways to display goods, and the products are arranged in various forms. The display frame structure and display design are also thousands of kinds. How do we start to learn the goods display? To learn about the display of goods, you must first open your own thinking. The following Jin Shuo display stand Xiaobian will introduce, two kinds of thinking to open the volume of display and display display of the Governor of the second pulse! In professional terms, it is: volume display and display display; popular: one is to give people a lot of feelings! One is to give people a very refined and refined feeling!

The first type: the so-called volume display, refers to the display method of stacking goods into hills, bringing customers a sense of fullness and vitality. Therefore, the volume display has become the best display method for low-cost appeals. The volume display is part of a complementary display genre. The picture below is a real shot of the volume display case.

Sense display case

The second type: display display refers to the method of displaying the theme in a manner suitable for the theme after the sales theme is determined in the store and the counter. Therefore, the display belongs to the display method that best expresses the charm of the product, and belongs to the display display genre.

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