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Display display stand
Release date:2018/11/9 13:25:04

How to place the display racks? How to place the display racks better? Actually, these are all planned during the decoration of the store. If you are engaged in a specialty store business, you don't know much about the placement of the store's cabinets, mainly because of the direction in which the display racks are placed. It is not difficult to find that the display racks in many specialty stores are different. Each family has its own characteristics. How to place it better? What are the placement techniques? Let's share it today.

Hollow plate display stand

1. About the display frame material:

The hollow plate display frame is generally printed with 4mm new material white hollow plate. It is far superior to the cardboard in terms of hardness. For customers with high load bearing requirements, we can also combine aluminum bar support rods, etc., and the load is enough to meet the needs of customers.

2. Visual effects:

The main purpose of the display frame design is to allow consumers to know the product information in a short time. Compared with other display effects, the display stand can fully display this point. In addition to showing the design concept of the environment itself, it can also add the design elements of the display to show the different placement effects for the user. Let consumers feel comfortable when they first appreciate the product.

3. Display stand lighting:

The lighting design of the display frame must first come from the top of the showcase. Several small LED lights can be installed first, and the inner side is illuminated by fluorescent lamps to improve the overall brightness of the interior of the station. Commonly, the two corners on the left and right sides of the front side of the showcase can be installed with several cold light and LED lights as supplementary light sources for dead ends.

LED light display stand

4. Rendering aspects

The display stand can create a warm, inviting shopping, entertainment and leisure space environment for your target customers.

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