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Release date:2018/11/15 14:02:01

Now go to the mall,supermarkets,specialty stores,you can see the display racks everywhere,hollow board display racks,wooden display cabinets,iron display racks,plastic combination display racks,acrylic display racks,a variety of different materials,different The shape also shows a variety of products.Different display racks are matched with different products,and each product gives customers different feelings.The role of display racks in the store has also been unanimously welcomed and recognized by everyone.The display racks are widely used.Below the Jinshuo promotion display stand,we will guide you to understand in detail which display racks are used for.Product exhibition.

1.Electronic(IT)display display rack:mobile phone holder,USB flash drive,MP3/MP4 display stand,plexiglass VCD display stand,digital camera display stand,laptop display stand,camera display stand,ACRYLIC remote control set.Battery case,image Display cabinets,special cabinets,etc.

2,decoration display rack:plexiglass decorations,property signs,billboards,image cards,tissue boxes,etc.

3,tobacco and wine display stand:cigarette stand,plastic cigarette case,wine rack,wine box,acrylic wine brand,triangle card,tobacco and alcohol special counters.

4,supplies display class display rack:information frame,pen holder,shoe rack,glasses frame,watch display stand,business card holder,stationery seat,acrylic desk calendar and so on.

5,women's products display display rack:cosmetic skin care products display rack,jewelry box,jewelry props,jewelry display rack,image monopoly showcase.

6,boutique display display rack:phase seat,fish tank,image frame,medicine box,paper town,boutique exhibition box,distribution card.

7,crystal crafts display stand:crystal trophy,crystal model,crystal engraving,crystal ornaments.

8,crystal glue products display display rack:crystal glue crafts,authentic products.

9,food display racks,toy display racks,cosmetics display racks,drug display racks,beverage display racks,small commodity display racks,digital electrical racks,cultural and promotional racks,kitchen and bathroom display racks,auto parts,promotional racks,tool display racks,maternal and child shop display racks

Finally,when you customize the display rack,you must conform to the product characteristics and brand culture.Displaying the display frame shape is not particularly important.It is important to grasp the characteristics of the product to grasp the characteristics of the product to be displayed,to grasp the unique charm of the product,to display the brand strength and brand culture,and to show the appearance of the product and the connotation of the product.This is why the display design needs to be made by professionals.

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